I’ve attended several pro games this year, in fact every year for about a decade at least. I try to like the NFL, but I just can’t anymore. The NFL has ruined football – turned it into a spectacle. It’s complete bullshit! I’ve gotten to the point where only high-school ball is very interesting. College ball has become like the NFL, full of fiefs and protection for the almighty cash machine. I think the Penn State debacle, which took down one of my longtime football heroes, is indicative of where sports and our country’s institutions have gone.
Certain writers have said that the working class loves the spectacle, and anyone who feels like I do is a kill-joy. Certain writers have suggested that this is a typical liberal attitude which over-analyses and alienates the working people, who should naturally be voting liberal.
I love football. I hate what has become of it. It’s all about the money, the games are totally controlled, everything is overproduced and airbrushed, from the cheerleaders to that damn Hank Williams,Jr., a world class idiot if there ever was one! (Although I do like a few of his songs). It’s so corporate anymore, from the stadiums named after a corporation but mostly paid for by taxpayers to all the damn selling by the NFL, to the frickin’ overpaid moronic players grandstanding after scoring a touchdown. Hey – the game ain’t over til it’s over. Celebrate then! Sheesh!

And jeez, if we have to tiptoe around the so-called working class because they are too stupid to see how they vote for their own destruction then we are truly lost indeed.